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Jeff Hertzog

Male. Lives in Lehigh Valley, United States. Born on April 6, 1961. Is single.
About Me
Founder of The Faithful Remnant Bible Church
Founder of Internet Radio Station Radio America USA/Phil... View More

Status Update

Jeff Hertzog
Series of announcements in the next posts! Part 1: It upsets me that many will not donate to my websites because I use yet #PayPal even though they know being on #Disability & have to rely on #Medicai... View More
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The Ministry of Truth
I quit using PayPal when they reneged on their fining (illegal theft) people for posting information that was against their communist agenda. If you need donations, look into Patreon or other sources such as GiveSendGo. I don't call that selfish, I call it common sense. I also live on Medicare and d... View More
November 18, 2022 Edited
Jeff Hertzog
there is a lot more to the issue than I posted, since I went public in 2019 about the nursing home abuse & both the state of PA & the feds wanted me to shut up and refused, then fighting the Covid Tyranny, and now the county I live in refused my right to vote, I am under radar & everything is scruti... View More
November 18, 2022